The company provides complex services in commercial, administrative, industrial and residential buildings, educational and medical establishments in the fields of:

Air conditioning - cooling, heating, metering and regulating
Electrical installation
Assembly of one-purpose machines
Transfer of heavy and oversized machinery

We also provide:

  • processing of quotations
  • consulting and proffesional guidance
  • complex design-work
  • complete transfer and assembly of machinery
  • putting into operation
  • warranty and non-warranty repairs

Site inspection, design of technical solution, consultation, advice and price offer are free of charge. As part of our service, we provide all maintenance work, checking of the individual technological parts, checking the setting of the operating parameters and providing the relevant documentation.
There are a large number of products on our market that can satisfy customers with price-driven or top-of-the-line equipment for the most demanding applications that provide comfort and energy efficiency.


The demand for cooling of residential and industrial premises is increasing in our climate zone. Temperatures in the summer months often exceed the threshold of 30 ° C and cause great discomfort in various activities.
For smooth and trouble-free operation of modern technologies such as server, technological and other rooms, it is necessary to provide suitable climatic conditions. Therefore, there is a need for proper cooling.
Proper air temperature is one of the prerequisites for the stability of human health. The feeling of thermal comfort therefore influences the choice of the correct heating system. The correct ambient temperature affects the work performance of a person, their well-being and rest.
To facilitate the regulation and efficient use of air conditioning and heating equipment, there are many solutions on the market that will certainly satisfy all our customers.
Within our profession we offer:

  • Design of a complete air conditioning, heating and control system
  • Supply and installation of air-conditioning equipment, heating equipment, heat pumps according to customer's requirements
  • Advising on selecting products
  • Service and troubleshooting of air conditioning, heating equipment


Clean air is the basis of hygiene in living quarters and industrial premises. The quality of the environment we breathe depends on proper and effective ventilation. The factor that directly affects the quality of air in living quarters and industrial areas is primarily human. Its breathing produces both carbon dioxide and water vapor. Air pollution, however, directly supports various activities such as cooking, washing, use of chemicals, manufacturing processes or other industrial activities.
The purpose of ventilation is to remove all unpleasant odors and extract the exhausted air and replace it with fresh air.
There are currently many solutions for efficient and economical ventilation that we can tailor directly to our customers’ needs.
Within our profession we offer:

  • Design of a complete system of ventilation, air recuperation
  • Supply and installation of ventilation equipment according to the customer's requirements
  • Advice on choosing the right products
  • Service and troubleshooting of ventilation equipment


Within the profession, we can provide comprehensive services in the area of assembly of electrical wiring. We provide services in the field of design, assembly of electrical wiring and revisions. We will be happy to help you meet the requirements of our customers when choosing the right materials and equipment.
We offer our customers:

  • Design and design of wiring
  • Supply and installation of pipelines for technology and technical equipment of industrial halls, buildings
  • Repairs and maintenance of electrical wiring
  • Distribution systems for the measurement and control of cooling, air conditioning, machinery
  • EZ projects and revisions

transport and installation of manufacturing lines

For our customers, we can ensure the transfer of presses and voluminous technological equipment using our own technology. In this profession, we have many years of experience and we can provide heavy machinery and equipment transfers as well as entire production lines and plants.
The added value for the customer is that our team of staff will take care of all shifting activities, the customer has only one contact point and we can deliver the service on a key basis.
Another advantage for the customer is a comprehensive solution for the relocations including the implementation of the relevant installations (water, cooling, compressed air, wiring and communication and other necessary media).
Comprehensive transport services we can offer:

  • timetable with respect to customer requirements, minimizing downtime
  • disassembly of machines, disconnection from technologies and media
  • preparation of safe transport equipment - packaging, preservation, support of supporting structures, formwork
  • provision of special transport technology - cranes, handling equipment, trucks for transport
  • Assembling devices to a place of transfer, media connection, and technology
  • positioning of devices on positions, balancing them

production of single purpose machinery

Within the profession we deal with the design and manufacture of dedicated equipment for the automotive industry. Machines and equipment are designed and tailored to customer needs.
We process the process from CAD design through manufacturing transformation to customer testing and installation itself. The entire production and assembly process can be delivered by our company in the form of a turnkey solution, from design to delivery to the customer.
Our primary goal is to offer a solution that meets the expectations of customers with the emphasis on quality, reliability, accuracy of required parameters and finally safety.
Within the profession we offer:

  • Design of devices according to customer requirements
  • Manufacture of equipment with regard to quality and safety
  • Test and fine tune devices
  • Service of devices during their operation